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Rocky Mountain National Park – #findyourpark

Respect their beauty. Respect their habitat.

Plan on making your visit to Rocky Mountain National Park several days long. You can easily spend one whole day watching the elk soap opera. Every autumn, elk come down from the high country to montane meadows for breeding season. There you get to watch bull elks compete for a cow’s affections. It truly is like watching a soap opera and ladies have all the say of who they will and will not accept as mates. Prime bulls, eight to nine years old, stand the best chance of mating. Mature bulls compete for cows by displaying their antlers, necks and bodies. They emit strong, musky odors and bugle. Hearing their calls through the crisp cool air and seeing them through the fading morning fog is a once in a lifetime experience. This park offers many trails, waterfalls, and overlooks to enjoy. One particularly fun trail to drive is Trail Ridge Road, which is over 12,000 feet and includes many overlooks where you can have the pleasure of viewing the subalpine and beautiful yellow alpine trees.

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