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IT WAS MY day off and Jenna and I had hung out most of the day until she ditched me the moment Nix walked in the door. She climbed him like a damn spider monkey before they disappeared upstairs. I went upstairs a few minutes later to grab the next load of dirty laundry, then headed back down to the washroom. My cell rang and I pulled it from my jean shorts pocket.

“Hey, Ash.”

“I got your text. I can’t believe he showed up at your house and was waiting on your bed.”

“He looked so damn irresistible too. It took every bit of strength I had not to give in and fuck him senseless.”

“I don’t know why you two don’t get it over with already.”

I heard heavy footsteps behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see Jake staring at my ass. Just the sight of him had my libido sparking to life.

“I gotta go. He’s here.” I hung up and set my phone on the dryer while giving Jake an expression of, I know why you’re here.

He ran his tongue across his lips, his mouth twisting into a cocky grin. “I told you, someday you’d want to fuck me.”

“Your arrogance is astonishing.”

Jake’s wicked grin widened as he eyed me like a delectable piece of candy he was about to unwrap.

“Finding you in here, without a way to escape, couldn’t get any sweeter.”

I raised my hand to his chest, pushing back the ripped, tatted beast of a man who was quickly filling the inches between us.

“Why deny it, Peach? The hungry look in your eyes tells me you want my cock buried deep inside you, begging me to make you come.”

Fuck, he was right. But that didn’t mean I had to admit it. At least not to him, anyway.

His arm raised, and his hand took hold of a loose strand of my hair, folding it around his fingers before giving it a tug, bringing my lips within reach of his. His breath left feather-like whispers across my lips.

“I think if I touch you here,” his fingers traced up my inner thigh, sending a shiver across my body and up my back, reminding me what his touch did to me, “I’ll find you wet and aching for me.”

Damn, this man. He knows exactly what he does to me. Shoving his hand away, I padded toward the laundry room door, my only escape from the tiny room that had become a sexual sauna.

“Wait a minute, Peach,” Jake’s hand took hold of my wrist, stopping me in my tracks. “Don’t leave.” I turned to see genuine agony in his eyes. “I don’t give a damn about any other woman. I want you to be mine and that’s the fucking truth.”

“I’m not yours to claim.”

The expression in his eyes transitioned, darkening, revealing the caged beast within. “The fuck you aren’t.” His grasp on my wrist tightened, pulling me to his solid frame, enclosing me in arms of steel. “You’re mine, damn it, and I’m gonna make sure everyone in this house knows it.”

My loose tee was fisted in his grasp and ripped off me as quickly as my breath left me. His mouth slammed down on mine as he raised me by the hips and pinned me against the wall. His stiff erection pressed into my jean cutoffs, the only piece of clothing keeping me from what I knew would be paradise. His growl filled my ear as his tongue slicked wet kisses across my neck. “You don’t know what you do to me, Peach, but you’re about to find out.”

My back left the wall and my ass landed on the washer. His shirt came off in seconds and my eyes were glued to his bare chest and the hands loosening his jeans, removing the black boxer briefs below. His cock sprung forward and my eyes followed the massive length of it to the shaven base, to his well-defined Adonis belt, and back to the tip. This man was made of motorcycle fuel, ink, and rock-hard muscle, a cruel punishment to women, and I wanted to sin like never before.

His massive hands jolted my ass forward. I teetered on the edge of the washer and my own sanity. His quick hands undid my button and zipper as his tongue ventured in and out of my mouth, driving my arousal to an agonizing and desperate need.

My jean shorts disappeared onto the floor as my eyes met his fierce, predatory stare. With his hands on my knees, he spread my legs wide and looked down at me before lowering himself. His bold, brown eyes glanced up at me, hypnotizing me with his gaze.

“You’re gonna come for me, Peach. I want to hear you scream my name.”

Taking hold of my leg, Jake wrapped it over his shoulder and kept his promise. With his finger knuckle deep and his tongue whipping across my clit like a rapid-fire engine, I fisted his hair and begged for release.

“Oh… my… Go… please… don’t… sto…” My body trembled as the orgasm shockwaved through my body. Jake lowered my leg and stood, his eyes locked on mine.

“We’re not done, Peach. You still haven’t screamed my name.”

The taste of me met my lips as he took hold of my thighs and shoved himself deep within my wet folds. Lifting me with ease, he pinned me against the wall. With feverish need and unchained fury, he drove into me over and over, fucking me deep and taking me over the edge into complete and utter delirium. A deep growl escaped his chest as we neared our climax.

“Say it, Peach. Who do you fucking belong to?”

“I belong to you.”

Jake fucked me hard, then groomed me with gentle kisses along my cheek, ear, and neck while still holding me pinned against the wall. He put his head against mine and let out a breath.

“You fucking shatter me, Peach.”

I bit my lip and let it go between my teeth, still reeling from the ride.

“You belong to me. I want you with me every day. I want to bury myself in you every damn night.” His hand cupped my face and his thumb pressed into my lip as his eyes softened. “I want you to stay with me, just for a while. I’m not asking you to move in with me.”

This was Jake’s way of putting himself out there again and I wasn’t about to ruin it a second time.

“Yes, I’ll stay with you.”

A smile spread his lips before his mouth met mine, sweet and loving, a kiss of gratitude and affection. He pulled out of me and let my legs down.

“I’ll help you pack. I want to have you at least three more times before I let you sleep tonight.”

I laughed as I gathered my missing and torn clothes. “Who are you kidding? I’m not getting any sleep tonight.”

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